Motivational Monday: All Heart

Hello everyone,
It’s the 200th installment of Motivational Mondays! This week’s theme is “all heart”. I could think of no one who could honor this occasion more than Leo Smith. For those of you who don’t know Leo, he’s a ten month old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who lights up any room. I affectionately call him “the cutest puppiest”. He is in tune to the emotions of others and always knows when you need a cuddle buddy. When he looks into your eyes, you are his world.
I’m a person that feels things very strongly. I’m also very aware of the emotions of others. It often becomes too much and I try to avoid feeling. I like to think that when I write Motivational Mondays, I write them straight from the heart with any and all emotions flowing. That’s why writing is so therapeutic for me.
I would also like to recognize Memorial Day and remember all the people who died while serving this country’s armed forces.